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Here at Vip Tickets Canada, we pride ourselves on our customer service and selection of tickets we offer. We have one of the largest offerings of tickets in Canada and abroad. Canadians love their music and many shows sell out as a result. Toronto, and Vancouver are two of the largest music markets in Canada with many large acts playing multiple nights due to strong ticket demand. Edmonton and Calgary routinely add additional country shows to their respective markets. Rock and pop music has a strong following nationwide and we are here to help make your night a special one to remember. Many fans turn to Vip Tickets Canada for sold out shows and hard to find vip seating. For some shows we have meet and greet tickets available. We carry a large selection of discounted tickets as well with many tickets priced to sell. Don’t delay, take a look at our inventory and you will like what you see! Canada has a lot of famous artists such as Shania Twain, Michael Buble and Celine Dion
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Canadians are known for their love of hockey. That’s pretty apparent if you’ve been to a hockey game in Canada recently. Most games are sold out and many teams have a long wait list for season tickets. Maybe you don’t want to watch every game. Maybe you want to catch only the biggest games and be there for the big moments when your team scores. Maybe you want to catch the Tuesday games so you can watch more games during the season. With Vip Tickets Canada, you can select any game you want and compare pricing all within a few minutes. There are some huge rivalries in hockey. The biggest ones are the Edmonton Oilers VS Calgary Flames, Vancouver Canucks VS Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Canadiens VS Toronto Maple Leafs. Your guaranteed a sold out building for any Canadian team so it’s best to book well in advance. Another event to travel to would be the NHL Playoffs and the NHL ALL STAR GAME. It’s not all about hockey however. Be sure to check out the Grey Cup, held in a different Canadian city each year for CFL football.

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