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Calgary Flames Tickets



A group of hockey fans cheering at a Calgary Flames game.

Navigating the terrain of professional sports ticketing can lead even the most seasoned fans into a maze of choices and prices. As someone with extensive experience in the sporting events industry, I am here to offer you clear guidance on securing your Calgary Flames tickets with confidence.

With years under my belt helping enthusiasts claim their spot at unforgettable games, I bring insider knowledge that demystifies purchasing processes for rookies and veterans alike.

The thrill of attending a live Calgary Flames game is an electrifying experience unmatched by any other NHL event—the roar of the crowd, the slick moves on ice, and the rush of competition are best experienced in person.

Did you know? You can find seats starting as low as $8; this fact opens up a world where premium hockey action meets affordability. Discover strategies for snagging great deals and learn all there is to know about enjoying a Flames game day—keep reading for your front-row ticket to expert insights.

Let's light the lamp on this journey together!


Key Takeaways

  • You can find Calgary Flames tickets for as low as $8 and up, making it a budget-friendly option for fans.
  • Official purchasing options include the Calgary Flames website, Ticketmaster, and for secure transactions.
  • Last - minute ticket deals are possible through platforms like Gametime, with availability varying by game and demand.
  • Premium seating offers added benefits such as gourmet dining at the Saddleroom Grill and access to luxury suites but comes with a higher cost.
  • Selling your extra tickets is feasible via the official resale marketplace or verified third-party websites – remember to set competitive prices and respond promptly to buyers.


Understanding Calgary Flames Tickets

A bustling crowd of fans entering the Scotiabank Saddledome for an event.

Grasping the nuances of Calgary Flames tickets is pivotal for fans eager to witness the thrill of NHL action firsthand. This section unpacks everything from securing your spot at the Scotiabank Saddledome to navigating ticketing options, ensuring a seamless experience for every game-goer.


Events and Results

The Calgary Flames play an exhilarating series of games each season, showcasing high-stakes matches and memorable results. Fans eagerly anticipate each game's outcome, knowing it can significantly impact the team's standing. Below is a comprehensive look at the Calgary Flames events and results, designed to keep fans updated on the latest happenings.


Date Opponent Location Result
2023-10-15 Edmonton Oilers Scotiabank Saddledome Flames Win 3-2
2023-10-18 Vancouver Canucks Rogers Arena Flames Lose 2-4
2023-10-21 Toronto Maple Leafs Scotiabank Saddledome Flames Win 5-3
2023-10-24 San Jose Sharks SAP Center Flames Win 3-1


This table offers a snapshot of the team's performance and is a must-have resource for any dedicated fan. It highlights the Calgary Flames' dynamic journey throughout the season, detailing each game's highs and lows. Keep this table bookmarked to stay informed on the Flames' quest for victory.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Buying tickets for Calgary Flames games raises many questions, and getting clear answers is essential. Can you buy 50/50 raffle tickets even if you can't attend the game? Absolutely, these special game day raffles are available online, so participation does not require your presence at the event.

Locating where to purchase or pick up your hockey tickets is a breeze. Head over to the Ticketmaster Ticket Office on the north side of the Saddledome - it's right off 14th Avenue and 5th Street S.E.

Here, staff members are ready to assist with all your ticket needs.

Access to your purchased Calgary Flames' seats has never been easier thanks to mobile ticketing options. Use either the official Calgary Flames app or visit the Ticketmaster website; both platforms provide secure ways to manage and display your digital tickets upon entry at games.

Keep in mind that all sales are final — once you've bought a season pass or single-game ticket, there aren't any guarantees regarding quantity or quality offered with paid fees.

For those who want real-time updates about their favorite NHL team alongside season ticket information, check out for news that keeps you in-the-know on rosters and videos highlighting stellar plays from recent matchups.

Want comprehensive insights into what's coming up? Fans easily find schedules and pricing details for upcoming seasons by navigating through official websites filled with useful features like account management tools enhancing fan access options without hassle.


Experiencing a Calgary Flames Game

A close-up of the fiery flames at a Calgary Flames game.

Attending a Calgary Flames game offers more than just hockey; it's an immersive experience that captures the spirit and energy of one of Canada’s most passionate hockey communities.

From the roar of the crowd to the on-ice action, every moment resonates with excitement and serves as a testament to the deep love for hockey in Calgary.


Fan Reviews

Seeing the Calgary Flames in action is a big deal for hockey enthusiasts, and fans have plenty to say about their experiences at games. Some supporters recall times when tickets were hard to come by due to high demand during winning streaks, leading sellers to ask for top dollar on the resale market.

Ticket prices would soar far above face value, reflecting how eager people were to catch the excitement on the ice.

In contrast, recent performances have left a few fans with mixed emotions. Die-hard followers from decades past might share their nostalgia for times when enthusiasm was higher. Nowadays, they see less fire in both game play and supporter spirits—some even spot ticket offers as low as $8—a clear sign of waning excitement among certain circles of sports fans.

Regardless of these ups and downs in team performance and fan sentiment, attending a Flames game remains an essential experience for any devoted hockey fan.


On-site Facilities

Attending a Calgary Flames game delivers more than just exciting hockey; it's an experience enhanced by premium on-site facilities. Consider the Centre Ice Experience, which not only provides you with reserved seating for the best views of the action but also includes exclusive access to the Saddleroom Grill.

Here, guests can enjoy gourmet dining, complete with a delicious plated meal crafted to satisfy your culinary desires.

Enhanced comfort is part of the package for Telus Club ticket holders, who benefit from concierge service designed to elevate your game day experience. Parking accommodations are simplified as well, especially when you choose certain premium options like Centre Ice Experience that come with reserved parking spaces—no need to worry about where to leave your car.

If you're arriving bundled up against Calgary's chilly weather, coat check services provide convenient coat storage so you can enjoy watching the Flames in total comfort.

Offering luxury and convenience for group outings becomes effortless at the Captain’s Lounge where tailored group packages merge lively concourse energy with top-tier hospitality services.

Whether attending alone or in good company, every guest finds something extra at Scotiabank Saddledome that goes beyond great hockey - exclusive experiences that ensure memorable moments off and on the ice.

Next up: Looking beyond our home team excitement? Let's turn our attention to other notable teams in Canada worth keeping an eye on.


Other Teams to Watch

While the Calgary Flames ignite passion in their fans, there are fierce rivalries and must-see matchups against other NHL powerhouses. Witnessing games with these teams offers a broader perspective on the league's talent and adds extra excitement for hockey enthusiasts keeping track of standings and team dynamics.


Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers stand as a titan in the world of hockey, brandishing an impressive legacy since their inception in 1972. With a series of achievements that color their storied past, this Western Canadian team has carved its name into NHL history.

Fans witness intense energy during games, especially when the rival Calgary Flames step onto the ice for the legendary "Battle of Alberta." These matchups aren't just games; they're showcases of Alberta hockey at its finest and traditions passed down through generations.

Hockey enthusiasts point to these heated confrontations between the Oilers and Flames as some of the most exhilarating NHL playoffs spectacles. It's not only about goals scored or penalties called – it’s watching modern-day gladiators like Johnny Gaudreau and Matthew Tkachuk follow in the footsteps of legends who never knew them but helped pave their icy path long ago.

Every face-off revives a Canadian hockey rivalry rich with passion, making any ticket involving these teams akin to holding a piece of Alberta's vibrant sports heritage.


Vancouver Canucks

Sporting a rich history, the Vancouver Canucks stand as a proud cornerstone of professional hockey in the Pacific Northwest. Established in 1970, this expansion team quickly became known for its spirited play and captivating players who left indelible marks on the game.

Fans from Calgary to Vancouver circle their calendars when these two teams face off, knowing that each clash adds another chapter to an intense division rivalry.

The electric atmosphere of games featuring the Canucks is not to be missed, especially when they take on fellow Canadian contenders like the Calgary Flames. With every meeting between these rivals, fans witness dynamic performances that showcase why ice hockey is so deeply loved across both cities.

Marked by bursts of skill and passion on ice, matchups with the Canucks deliver unforgettable moments for any spectator eager for high-stakes sports action.


Toronto Maple Leafs

Shifting our focus eastward from the Vancouver Canucks, the Toronto Maple Leafs stand out as a formidable opponent in the National Hockey League. As members of the Atlantic division, they've captivated hockey enthusiasts in Toronto and beyond with their dynamic play style and pursuit of excellence on ice.

The Leafs' dedication to advancing deep into the Stanley Cup playoffs has garnered support from fans across Canada, with over half rallying behind them this year.

The rivalry between the Calgary Flames and the Maple Leafs is always one to watch, especially when chatter about potential trades heats up. Defensemen like Tanev and Zadorov have been central figures in these discussions, indicating that both teams are looking to bolster their rosters for an edge in competition.

Details from their last encounter on January 19th paint a vivid picture of high-stakes hockey—complete with comprehensive box scores and play-by-play highlights that tell stories of puck battles fought hard by both sides.

With eyes fixed on acquisitions that could change team dynamics significantly, trade rumors keep fans hooked as they speculate who might join forces with whom. This anticipation adds another layer to watching live games or catching up on highlight reels; every check into the boards or goal scored carries implications not just for present standings but future strategies as well.


How to Purchase Calgary Flames Tickets

Securing your spot at a thrilling Calgary Flames game is a seamless process, whether you're a die-hard fan or just looking for an electrifying sports experience. Discover the avenues to obtain those coveted tickets and immerse yourself in the heart-pounding action of professional hockey.

Accessing Calgary Flames tickets requires tapping into trusted sources, designed to cater to various preferences and budgets while ensuring you don't miss out on any of the on-ice excitement.


Pricing and Availability

Tickets to witness the Calgary Flames in action offer a range of pricing options, catering to various preferences and budgets. Availability is subject to change, reflecting the demand for different games and seating areas. Here is an overview of the pricing and availability for Calgary Flames tickets:


Ticket Type Price Range Availability
Standard Seats $8 and up Varies by Game
Premium Seats Higher Price Point Limited
Group Tickets Discounted Rates Available Subject to Group Size
Last-Minute Deals Market Value Check Regularly
Season Tickets Varied Packages Limited Quantities


Affordability starts with standard seat tickets, with the cheapest options available at Vivid Seats. Fans should check availability for their preferred games, as ticket quantities can fluctuate. Premium seating offers an enhanced game-day experience, though these tickets come at a higher price and are more limited. For those attending in groups, discounted rates can make the experience more accessible. Last-minute deals might arise, so it is advisable to monitor prices closely. Season tickets provide a way to secure seats for multiple games, yet these are offered in limited quantities. Keep in mind that all sales are subject to the terms and conditions found on the official website. For the latest information on pricing and availability, visiting the Calgary Flames' official Ticketmaster page is a reliable resource.


How to Get Cheap Tickets

Securing affordable Calgary Flames tickets is easier than you might think. You can enjoy the thrill of the game without breaking the bank by following these savvy tips.


  • Check out for some of the best priced Calgary Flames tickets on the market. They specialize in connecting fans with seats at prices that fit any budget.
  • Head over to Vivid Seats to find Flames tickets starting as low as $8. Their platform offers a variety of great deals, so you can choose how much you want to spend.
  • Don't miss Gametime's last - minute ticket deals if you're looking for cheap Flames tickets. They're perfect for spontaneous fans who decide to catch a game on short notice.
  • Compare prices on TickPick, where they guarantee cost-effective tickets without any hidden fees. This ensures you'll pay the lowest possible price compared to other secondary ticket sites.
  • Sign up for alerts from ticket sellers and platforms. These notifications can inform you about ticket discounts, promotional offers, or flash sales right when they happen.
  • Opt for weekday games or match-ups against less popular teams which typically offer wallet-friendly options due to lower demand compared to weekend games or high-profile rivalries.
  • Join fan clubs or loyalty programs associated with the Calgary Flames. Members often receive priority access to economical ticket options before they go on sale to the general public.
  • Consider upper - level seats which are still within a good view but come at considerably more reasonable prices than those closer to the ice.


Where to Buy Tickets

Getting your hands on Calgary Flames tickets is a straightforward process with multiple purchasing options available. Whether you're planning well in advance or looking for last-minute seats, here's your guide to buying those coveted tickets.


  • Official Calgary Flames Website: Start by checking the Calgary Flames' official website. It provides direct access to single-game tickets for the entire 2023-24 regular season, offering a reliable and safe way to secure your seat at the game.
  • This platform is another fantastic resource where you can find event tickets. It emphasizes customer service and often has competitive pricing, ensuring that fans get great value when they buy their sports tickets.
  • Ticketmaster: As the Official Ticket Marketplace of the Calgary Flames, Ticketmaster offers ticket availability for all games throughout the season. Fans can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are purchasing verified tickets through an established vendor.
  • Game Day Tickets: For those who make spontaneous plans or enjoy the thrill of buying last-minute, game day tickets can sometimes be purchased at the venue. Keep in mind there's a risk that the event might sell out, so this is best for those willing to take a chance!
  • Online Ticket Booking: Many third-party websites offer online ticket booking services. Always choose reputable sites to avoid scams and ensure that you receive valid tickets for entry into the hockey game.
  • Ticket Reservations: Some services allow you to reserve your seat before purchasing. This option can be useful if you're coordinating with a group and need time to confirm everyone's attendance before committing to buy.


Selling Calgary Flames Tickets

Selling your Calgary Flames tickets is straightforward and secure. You can quickly find buyers for your tickets through official and verified channels.


  • List your tickets on the official ticket resale marketplace, which is the safest option to reach potential buyers.
  • Set a competitive price by checking current listings to better understand what others are asking for similar seats.
  • Provide detailed information about the seat location, view, and any additional perks like parking or access to exclusive areas in the Saddledome.
  • Use high - quality photos of the view from your seats if possible; this gives buyers a clear idea of what to expect.
  • Be clear about the terms of sale, including any return policies and deadlines for transferring tickets before the game starts.
  • Communicate promptly with interested buyers. Quick responses can make the difference in securing a sale.
  • Update your listing if necessary, especially as the game date approaches and market prices may fluctuate.
  • Familiarize yourself with any fees or commissions that you will need to pay as part of the selling process on different platforms.
  • Check the Calgary Flames schedule frequently so you can list your tickets early for games you cannot attend, increasing their chance of being sold.
  • Monitor Calgary Flames news and roster changes as they can affect ticket demand and help you time your sale effectively.



Secure your spot in the sea of red and experience the thrill that Calgary Flames tickets offer. Join passionate fans who fill the arena with energy and excitement at every game. Witness world-class hockey as professional skaters hit the ice, aiming for victory.

Embrace the spirit of sportsmanship and create memories that last a lifetime with each match you attend. Get your Flames tickets now and be part of Calgary's cherished hockey tradition!



1. Where can I buy Calgary Flames tickets?

Calgary Flames tickets are available for purchase through their official website, at the arena's box office, and from authorized ticketing partners.


2. Are there any discounts available for Calgary Flames games?

Discounts on Flames tickets may be offered during special promotions or to certain groups such as students or military personnel; check their website for current deals.


3. Can I choose my seats when buying Calgary Flames tickets online?

Yes, you have the option to select your preferred seats from an interactive seating chart when purchasing tickets online.


4. What happens if a game is canceled after I've purchased my ticket?

In case of a cancellation, you will typically be eligible for a refund or exchange according to the team's policy outlined on their site.


5. Is it possible to get last-minute tickets to see the Calgary Flames play?

Last-minute tickets might become available and can often be bought online or at the gate before the game starts pending availability.


Who Are The Calgary Flames Playing?

Flames vs Avalanche
Flames vs Blackhawks
Flames vs Blue Jackets
Flames vs Blues
Flames vs Bruins
Flames vs Canadiens

Flames vs Canucks
Flames vs Capitals
Flames vs Coyotes
Flames vs Devils
Flames vs Ducks
Flames vs Flyers
Flames vs Golden Knights
Flames vs Hurricanes
Flames vs Islanders
Flames vs Jets
Flames vs Kings
Flames vs Kraken
Flames vs Lightning
Flames vs Maple Leafs
Flames vs Oilers
Flames vs Panthers
Flames vs Penguins
Flames vs Predators
Flames vs Rangers
Flames vs Red Wings
Flames vs Sabres
Flames vs Senators
Flames vs Sharks
Flames vs Stars
Flames vs Wild


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