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Ottawa Senators Tickets


Ottawa Senators Tickets

Fans cheering in stands at Canadian Tire Centre during a game.

As hockey fans gear up for another exhilarating NHL season, there's a palpable buzz surrounding the quest for Ottawa Senators tickets. Securing a seat at the Canadian Tire Centre to witness the live action poses an exciting challenge many enthusiasts face each year.

With my extensive experience in sports journalism and covering countless hockey games, I bring you insider tips that transform ticket acquisition from a daunting task into an effortless victory.

The Senator’s electrifying home games are more than just battles on ice; they're communal events packed with passion, pride, and unforgettable moments. Whether it's your first game or you're a seasoned veteran wearing team colors, understanding your ticketing options is crucial.

Take note: Fans can savor watching the Sens dominate twice from prime 200 level seating! Now let's dive into making those game night dreams come true—read on!


Key Takeaways

  • Ottawa Senators tickets offer various options like single game tickets, season memberships, group packages, and premium seating to cater to every fan's preference.
  • Fans can enjoy special promotions and themed nights such as Fan Appreciation Night or Pride Celebration for extra entertainment during home games.
  • Purchasing tickets is easy through the official Ottawa Senators website or approved ticket marketplaces with secure transactions and mobile ticketing solutions available for convenience.
  • Attending a game at Canadian Tire Centre provides an immersive experience with great food options, convenient seating levels, and an energetic atmosphere shared by passionate fans.
  • For those looking to explore more hockey action, securing tickets for other NHL teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs can offer unique experiences at different venues.


Ottawa Senators Ticket Options

Fans cheering in the stands at an Ottawa Senators game in a bustling arena.

For every type of fan, from the die-hard season seat member to the occasional group outing enthusiast, the Ottawa Senators offer a variety of ticket options tailored to enhance your game-day experience.

Discover the perfect match for your hockey-watching preferences with choices ranging from individual game excitement to full-season immersion.


Single Game Tickets

Exploring your options for a thrilling hockey game? Look no further than single game tickets for the Ottawa Senators. These are perfect for fans who want the flexibility to choose just the games that fit their schedule.

With individual game tickets, you'll not only experience the electric atmosphere of live NHL action but also have the freedom to select from a variety of seating options. Whether you're seeking affordability or indulging in premium seating, there's something for everyone.

Purchasing front row seats puts you right next to all the hard-hitting excitement on ice – imagine feeling part of every play and goal celebration! Alternatively, club level seats offer a blend of comfort and fantastic views of the rink.

Ticket prices start at $423, providing an array of choices depending on your preferences and budget.

To secure your spot in the crowd, keep an eye out for ticket sales announcements. Game ticket availability varies throughout the season, with specific sale dates available through official channels like team website or approved marketplaces.

Planning ahead ensures that you don't miss out on witnessing unforgettable moments during any home games throughout Ottawa Senators' thrilling hockey season.


Season Membership

After considering the thrill of single game tickets, imagine diving deeper into the Ottawa Senators experience with a Season Membership. This exclusive package not only secures your spot for every electrifying home game but also showers you with benefits that enhance your hockey-loving lifestyle.

By choosing to become a Season Seat Member, you gain access to special rates and savings on your seats throughout the season, including an assured chance at playoff tickets.

Season Members are not just ticket holders; they're part of a privileged group with insider perks. Manage your tickets effortlessly using the official app or My Sens Account—transfer them to friends when you can't make it or sell them securely if needed.

Flexibility in payment options allows you to enjoy Senators hockey stress-free, while membership upgrades offer paths to even greater experiences. With this level of control and convenience at your fingertips, each match becomes more than just a game—it's an event tailored by you.

Lock in preferred parking rates as part of your membership privileges and wave goodbye to last-minute parking hassles before games. Your dedication as a Season Seat Member is rewarded through preferential pricing not only on regular seats but also on coveted playoff spots whenever the Senators chase glory in the postseason.

The commitment doesn't end there; it’s about being immersed in a community that breathes hockey and bleeds team colors all year round.


Group Tickets

Moving from individual season memberships, the Ottawa Senators also offer a fantastic way to enjoy hockey with friends, family or co-workers through group ticket packages. These bulk tickets come with attractive discounts and can turn an ordinary game into a special event.

You can make a reservation for your team outing or corporate event easily, and there's even customized ticketing available to fit the unique needs of your group.

Opting for group tickets isn't just about seats; it's about creating memories together. With personalized service at hand, setting up your group reservations is hassle-free. Imagine watching the Senators with anywhere from 12 to 150 people by your side in one of their private suites on the 400 Level Party Deck – now that’s a goal! Starting at $1578, these packages are inclusive of tax and fees ensuring no surprises when planning your next big outing.

Remember, securing this experience means you’ll need to put down a non-refundable deposit for certain games but rest assured: customized support will guide you each step of the way for an unforgettable time at Canadian Tire Centre.


Premium Seating

Elevate your game day experience with Ottawa Senators premium seating. Choose from the luxurious suites on the Canadian Tire Centre's 100 level, featuring exclusive club options for season seat members.

Imagine watching the action from plush seats amid upscale amenities, all ensuring a prestigious and memorable event.

Opt for opulence in private suites within the 400 Level Party Deck, accommodating groups up to 150—perfect for corporate gatherings or large parties. These elite spaces combine privacy with a vibrant atmosphere, starting at $1578 including tax and fees.

Club Bell provides another tier of high-end seating where fans enjoy VIP treatment and exceptional views of the ice. With prices beginning at $423, indulge in front-row seats or club access to make every match an executive-style affair.


Special Promotions and Theme Nights

A table with Sens Snack Packs surrounded by hockey-themed decorations and nature photography.

Attend a game with added excitement by taking advantage of the Ottawa Senators' special promotions and theme nights. These unique events bring fans together for memorable experiences beyond just the on-ice action.


  • Fan Appreciation Night: The Ottawa Senators team up with Canadian Tire to create an evening where fans feel like VIPs. The first 15,000 in attendance may snag exclusive giveaways, including collectible items and player memorabilia.
  • Discounted Parking Offer: Take advantage of reduced parking fees during certain games. Instead of the regular rate, you can park for just $12 in general lots, easing your visit to the arena.
  • Sens Snack Pack: Food lovers rejoice with Sens Snack Packs available on select nights. This deal combines game entry with vouchers for delicious stadium eats at a reduced price.
  • Pride Night Celebration: Join the Senators for LGBTQ+ pride night, a special event celebrating diversity and inclusivity within the hockey community and beyond.
  • Sci-Fi Themed Event: Immerse yourself in an intergalactic experience during Star Wars night, where fans can enjoy themed entertainment and possibly meet their favorite characters from the franchise.
  • Season Ticket Member Perks: Pledge your loyalty as a season ticket holder and gain access to benefits like early entry to games, discounts on merchandise, and exclusive team events.
  • Value Ticket Packages: Purchase bundled tickets for multiple games at a significant savings compared to individual game prices; great for fans who plan on attending more than one match-up.
  • Interactive Fan Contests: Engage with various fan contests that offer exciting prizes; from signed merchandise to once-in-a-lifetime experiences with team players or management.
  • Stay Informed about Games Schedule: Keep track of upcoming home games easily so you never miss out on a themed night or special promotion that catches your eye.
  • Team News Updates Firsthand: Get the latest updates about your favorite players and any league news directly from official sources before anyone else.


Upcoming Home Games

Special promotions and theme nights add an exciting layer to the game-day experience, and the anticipation continues as we look ahead at the Ottawa Senators' lineup of upcoming home games. Fans eager to catch the action live can mark their calendars for these must-see matchups.


Date Opponent Promotion/Event
January 25, 2023 Boston Bruins Heritage Jersey Night
January 30, 2023 Buffalo Sabres Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation
February 11, 2023 Montreal Canadiens Family Day Celebration
February 25, 2023 Florida Panthers Fan Appreciation Night
March 16, 2023 New Jersey Devils St. Patrick's Day Festivities
March 30, 2023 Pittsburgh Penguins Retro Night
April 8, 2023 Philadelphia Flyers Season Finale


Each game offers a unique experience, so fans can select the event that best suits their interests. Whether it's celebrating heritage or showing appreciation for the armed forces, the Ottawa Senators ensure fans have memorable moments beyond the thrill of the game.


How to Purchase Ottawa Senators Tickets

Securing your spot to witness the Ottawa Senators live in action is a seamless process, designed to ensure fans can easily obtain their tickets. Explore various purchasing channels tailored for convenience and preference, all set to lead you right into the exhilarating atmosphere of game day.


Official Ottawa Senators Website

Discover everything you need about the Ottawa Senators directly on their official website. It's your one-stop destination for purchasing game tickets and exploring season ticket packages with just a few clicks.

You'll find detailed game schedules that help you plan your attendance to home games, along with extensive player statistics so you can follow your favorite skaters' progress through the season.

Use the site to unlock access to exclusive team video content, giving you an inside look at behind-the-scenes action and interviews. Stay updated with current hockey team news and roster information to feel more connected than ever to your team.

The official website is designed for fans who want convenience at their fingertips—whether checking for special promotions or looking up prices for upcoming matchups, it provides all this information seamlessly.


Approved Ticket Marketplaces

Fans who purchase through sites can trust that they're dealing with legitimate sources. Whether you’re looking to catch a single game or buying season-seat packages, these marketplaces have various options available.

Managing your tickets has never been easier with mobile ticketing solutions at hand. The Sens mobile app simplifies both buying and selling experiences by providing fans with a straightforward way to transfer their tickets.

If plans change and you need to sell your Senators seats quickly, these approved platforms offer hassle-free ways to reach buyers searching for last-minute access to games.

With your chosen marketplace selected and your transaction complete, gear up for an electrifying atmosphere at the next home game facing off against fierce NHL competition.


Reviews and Experiences of Ottawa Senators Games

Attending an Ottawa Senators game offers more than just watching hockey; it's a full entertainment experience. Fans often share their excitement about the electric atmosphere at the Canadian Tire Centre, where every seat feels like part of the action.

Complimenting the live gameplay, attendees enjoy top-notch catering options ranging from classic snacks to gourmet meals—making sure you won't go hungry while cheering for your team.

Seasoned ticket holders and first-time visitors alike rave about the convenience and accessibility of different seating levels. Whether you choose to sit close to the ice or prefer a panoramic view from higher up, there's a perfect spot for everyone within this arena known for its great sightlines and acoustics.

Not only do fans leave with fond memories of goals scored and games won, but also with stories of friendly staff members who contribute positively to their game day experience.

Aside from exciting home games against rivals like the Toronto Maple Leafs, which always draw particularly passionate crowds, various concerts and special events fill out a schedule that promises something for everyone at this multi-purpose venue.

Next up in our article is "Exploring Other NHL Tickets," where we dive into experiences offered by teams beyond Ottawa—because true hockey enthusiasts know that each arena holds its own unique allure.


Exploring Other NHL Tickets

Hockey fans often seek new thrills beyond their home team's arena, and exploring tickets for other NHL teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs unlocks fresh experiences. Visiting different venues offers unique atmospheres, chants, and traditions that enrich a hockey enthusiast’s love of the game.

Fans looking to catch a Leafs game can anticipate high-energy matchups at Scotiabank Arena, where one of Canada’s most storied franchises takes to the ice.

Diving into the world of ticket discounts and savings is crucial for savvy sports club supporters who travel to see multiple hockey games throughout the season. Mobile entry has become common practice; it streamlines access to various arenas just like at Canadian Tire Centre.

For those collecting memories or merchandise from every visit, in-venue stores provide exclusive gear not found elsewhere – adding special mementos to your collection while you revel in the excitement on ice.

With another thrilling home game venue on your radar, let's glide forward with eagerness.



Grab your jersey and get ready to cheer; Ottawa Senators tickets unlock a world of exhilarating hockey action. From the roar of the crowd at Canadian Tire Centre to the edge-of-your-seat plays, each game is an unforgettable experience.

Secure your spot in the arena today, join loyal fans, and witness every thrilling goal live. With options for every fan, there's never been a better time to be part of the Senators' legacy.

Feel the rush as you become part of Ottawa’s pulsing hockey heartbeat!



1. Where can I buy Ottawa Senators tickets?

You can purchase Ottawa Senators tickets through the official team website, at the arena box office, or from verified ticketing platforms.


2. Can I get a refund if a game is canceled or rescheduled?

Refunds for canceled or rescheduled games are typically available, but check the ticket provider's policy to confirm the details.


3. Are there discounts available for group ticket purchases?

Group discounts are often offered for Ottawa Senators tickets; contact their group sales department for more information.


4. How do I know if my Ottawa Senators tickets are authentic?

Ensure your Ottawa Senators tickets are authentic by buying them from authorized sellers and checking security features on the ticket.


5. When do tickets go on sale for next season's Ottawa Senators games?

Tickets for next season's games usually go on sale following the release of the NHL schedule; keep an eye on official announcements for exact dates.


Please note that these prices are subject to change and availability. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it's recommended to check VIP Tickets Canada.


Who Are The Ottawa Senators Playing?

Senators vs Avalanche
Senators vs Blackhawks
Senators vs Blue Jackets
Senators vs Blues
Senators vs Bruins
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Senators vs Canucks
Senators vs Capitals
Senators vs Coyotes
Senators vs Devils
Senators vs Ducks
Senators vs Flyers

Senators vs Flames
Senators vs Golden Knights
Senators vs Hurricanes
Senators vs Islanders

Senators vs Jets
Senators vs Kings
Senators vs Kraken
Senators vs Lightning
Senators vs Maple Leafs

Seantors vs Oilers
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Senators vs Red Wings
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