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Alexisonfire Tickets

The post-hardcore rock Canadian band was formed in 2001 in St. Catharines, Ontario. The band consists of George Pettit, Dallas Green, Wade MacNeil, Chris Steele and Jordan Hastings. With numerous awards like the Juno Award and MuchMusic Video Awards under their belt and all their albums being certified gold or platinum, the band has been able to exceptionally amass great recognition in such a short period of time. It would be a shame to miss an Alexisonfire event, so don't forget to get your Alexisonfire tickets as soon as they are out.

The band was formed in the aftermath of a three-band break up, after which they released their first album in 2002. The album was an instant hit and reached platinum certification soon after its release. But, that's not all! All three albums following their debut album, received platinum certification too! If you've never heard this great band play live, you should start making plans to get your Alexisonfire tickets soon.

Their discography includes tracks like "Pulmonary Archery", "Accidents", "Boiled Frogs", "Crisis", and "This Could Be Anywhere in the World". If you're keen on hearing some of their best tracks live, then you should keep an eye out for Alexisonfire tickets. The band does go on tour, but you'll have to be vigilant if you want to be a part of the next Alexisonfire tour. They're one of the most popular emo bands to grace the entertainment platforms, and an Alexisonfire concert can be hard to get into if you don't get your tickets on time.

The band has a very defined sound that blends post-hardcore, melodic hardcore rock, emo and scream genres. Alexisonfire has influenced many upcoming hardcore rock bands with their styling of clean and unclean vocals and excellent musical arrangements to accompany the vocals. Bands like Cancer Bats, Four Year Strong and Silverstein have emerged and grown in popularity thanks to Alexisonfire paving the way for musicians in this genre of music.

Revolver Magazine recognised the band's influence on the post-hardcore scene during the mid-2000s. They are viewed as being the band that has brought heavy music to the forefront of the entertainment industry. Their live shows are always full of energy and passion that it's hard not to enjoy an Alexisonfire show.
So, who’s ready to go all out with intense screaming and headbanging at their upcoming shows? If you are, get your hands on the coveted Alexisonfire front row tickets to have an unrivalled concert experience. You can be where all the action takes place and enjoy the songs being performed by your beloved artists in close proximity.

Alexisonfire Presale Tickets

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Alexisonfire VIP Tickets

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Alexisonfire Meet And Greet Tickets

If you want to level up the experience, you've also got the option of getting yourself Alexisonfire meet and greet tickets. These tickets will allow you to break the ice with the band members, and you can have a chat with them in this exclusive meeting. This is your chance to shake hands with your idol and finally have your merch signed. So, go ahead and check the venues for the meet and greet and get your tickets to the nearest venue ASAP!


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How Much Are Alexisonfire Tickets?

Alexisonfire tickets can cost you anywhere from $70 up to $300. The prices can deviate depending on when you're buying the tickets from and the location of the shows too. Your best bet is to apply the discounts codes if you have any. It's also better to buy tickets early if you want to get them at a reasonable rate.



Alexisonfire Tickets

Formed in St. Catharine's, Ontario, Canada, Alexisonfire started their career in 2001 and hasn't looked back ever since. Specializing in the genres of post-hardcore, screamo, emo, and melodic hardcore, the band has a notorious reputation of being one of the loudest bands with an aggressive music style. Don't miss out on Alexisonfire Tickets for 2022 at our website,

The band will be performing hit tracks from their collection of four studios and live albums each, fourteen singles, and more. Hurry up and book Alexisonfire Tickets for 2022. You can also find tickets to see the concerts of similar artists. You may like Alanis Morissette tickets, Silverstein, the Alice Cooper tour and more.



Where Can I Buy Alexisonfire Tickets To A City Near Me?

You can buy Alexisonfire tickets in Calgary, Ottawa, Hamilton, Montreal, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax, Regina, Vancouver, or London in Canada.


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