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In the 1990s, a strange phenomenon occurred in modern blues, with adolescent blues guitarists soaring to fame with their debut record. Jonny Lang, a musician from Fargo, North Dakota, started the trend when he published his first solo effort, Lie to Me when he was 15 years old. If you wish to see him perform live on stage, then you'd better head to a Jonny Lang concert. Luckily for you, you'd get plenty of opportunities for that because the Jonny Lang tour is scheduled to start soon. He is poised to perform in cities across the globe, so get your Jonny Lang tickets today!


He first saw the Bad Medicine Blues Band when he was 12 and began performing with them. A few months later, he took over as leader, and Kid Jonny Lang & the Big Bang migrated from Fargo to Minneapolis, where they recorded their studio album, Smokin', in 1995. The album became a regional smash, resulting in a bidding war between big labels and Lang's contract to A&M Records by 1996. His major-label premiere, Lie to Me, was published in early 1997 to mixed reviews; his better follow-up, Wander This World, was released later that year. He has amassed a big fanbase throughout his career who would do anything to get their hands on Jonny Lang tickets to attend his shows. If you're one of them, you know that attending a Jonny Lang show is worth it!


Lang's next album, Long Time Coming, was released in 2003 that drew harsh criticism for its over-produced hard rock and occasionally heavy-handed religiosity. Turn Around, released in 2006, earned a more positive response. Concord Records released Live at the Ryman in 2010.


He unveiled information of his sixth studio record, Fight for My Soul, which was released in September 2013. It reached number 1 position at Billboard's Blues Albums list after a seven-year layoff. Lang's seventh album, Signs, was released in September 2017, which spawned multiple hits like Snakes, Into the Light, Singing Songs, and Wisdom, among others. Grab your chance to listen to such hits live on stage by securing some hot Jonny Lang front row tickets for one of his upcoming shows!


As the tour is expected to start soon, fans like you should get yourselves ready to have fun by getting your Jonny Lang tickets ready. Don't wait for the last moment to buy them; you never know when they might run out! Make sure to get your tickets soon so you can have an electrifying time at a Jonny Lang event!



Jonny Lang Presale Tickets

Any fan would like to ensure that they don't miss their chance when their favorite artists perform nearby. And that is why presales are a thing! It is undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways to secure your concert tickets as you can purchase them before they are open for sale to the general public. Although it is not guaranteed, you might get seats close to the stage so you can see your favorite idol perform right in front of you. Jonny Lang presale tickets are usually accessible to customers with a presale code. However, you can buy one from our site without the code. Grab this chance to see the guitar maestro perform live!



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Even though seeing your favorite artist perform live is thrilling enough, some fans might prefer doing the same in luxury and style. If that's what you were planning, you won't regret checking out the VIP packages. They come with services and amenities that would surely elevate your concert experience while you watch your favorite artist on stage. Other than these tickets, you can also get a backstage pass, VIP box seats, or a VIP pass. Check out our Jonny Lang VIP tickets today to ensure a great time at his shows!



Jonny Lang Meet And Greet Tickets

Meet and greets are great opportunities for fans to spend some time with their favorite artists. And if you're a fan of Lang, you have the perfect chance now! What you need to do is just grab our Jonny Lang meet and greet tickets and wait for D-Day to come. This is your perfect opportunity to catch the guitar icon on his tour and meet him in person. You could also get the chance to do many other fun things as well, such as taking some photos and playing some games!



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How Much Are Jonny Lang Tickets?

The average price for tickets to a Jonny Lang concert is $75. However, you might find better deals and get them for as low as $40 on a lucky day. The blues guitar icon will be performing in cities worldwide; surely, you will find a venue that fits your budget. However, bear in mind that the price of Jonny Lang tickets may vary due to several factors such as the venue, location and others. To see which price applies for the venue you are interested in, take a look at our ticket inventory.



Jonny Lang Tickets

Johnny Lang is best known for his blues, rock and gospel works. During his career as an artist, Lang has released twelve albums out of which five of them peaked on the Billboard 200 chart at the top 50! The album Turn Around garnered him a Grammy Award! As one of the new rising star, Jonny Lang Tickets are usually in high demand so make sure that you get yours before anyone else!


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Where Can I Buy Jonny Lang Tickets To A City Near Me?

You can buy Jonny Lang tickets in Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Toronto, Regina, London, Vancouver, Calgary, or Halifax in Canada.


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