Cirque du Soleil O Tour
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Cirque du Soleil O Tour Dates

Find out all the exciting upcoming Cirque du Soleil - O Tour Dates for 2020-2021 to witness one of the world's finest performances on the water! Cirque du Soleil - O is a contemporary circus that showcases outstanding performance in the water. Premiering at The Bellagio in Las Vegas on October 17, 1998, O is a water-themed franchise of the Canadian circus group, Cirque du Soleil.


Cirque du Soleil - O Tour Dates at O Theatre at Bellagio in Las Vegas will surely leave you gawking at the incredible acts of the skilled performers. Find out the upcoming schedules at today!

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Where Will The Cirque du Soleil O Tour Be Stopping In Canada?

The Cirque du Soleil O tour may be stopping in Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Hamilton, Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, or London on the Canadian tour.


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