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Commodore Ballroom Seating Chart

Commodore Ballroom Seating Chart
Commodore Ballroom Seating Chart
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Commodore Ballroom Seating Chart

Commodore Ballroom Seating Chart

An Overview of Seating Arrangements

When planning a visit to the iconic Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, British Columbia, understanding the seating arrangements is crucial to ensure the best possible experience. The Commodore Ballroom offers a unique setup that differs based on the event being held, from concerts to sports and theatre shows.


Concerts Configuration

Floor General Admission Standing

For concerts, the venue typically uses a general admission standing arrangement for the floor area. This allows fans to get as close to the stage as possible on a first-come, first-served basis, facilitating an intimate and energetic atmosphere.


Balcony General Admission Standing

The balcony area also provides a general admission standing option, giving fans a raised view of the stage and the performance. The balcony can be an ideal spot for those who prefer a less crowded space or want to enjoy the show from a different vantage point.


Sporting Events and Theatre Shows

The seating configuration can change dramatically for sports events or theatre productions. The floor may be converted to accommodate a ring or stage, with tiered seating surrounding it to provide clear lines of sight for all attendees. The balcony typically remains as general admission or may be assigned seating depending on the event's specific requirements.


Capacity Variances

The seating capacity at the Commodore Ballroom varies depending on the layout for the event:


  • Concerts typically allow for the maximum number of attendees, making full use of the standing areas.



  • Theatre productions often have the most structured seating arrangements, potentially reducing capacity but enhancing the viewing experience.


Historical Significance

The Commodore Ballroom holds a storied place in Vancouver's cultural history. Known for its sprung dance floor and art deco style, it has been a centerpiece of entertainment since its inception in the 1930s. Over the years, it has hosted a diverse array of artists and events, contributing significantly to the city's vibrant music scene.


Experience at the Commodore

Attendees at the Commodore Ballroom can expect more than just a show; they become part of a historical tradition of live performances. The venue's intimate setting ensures that every event is a unique experience, with the crowd's energy often mirroring the iconic performances that have graced its stage.


Commodore Ballroom Vancouver Seating Chart


During concert events, fans can expect to stand and move freely within their chosen areas, whether that's on the floor close to the action or up on the balcony for an elevated view.


Seating Map

The seating map for other events like sports or theatre may show assigned seating, ensuring that every ticket holder has a designated spot from which to enjoy the event.


Seating Plan

Regardless of the event type, the seating plan at the Commodore Ballroom is designed with the viewer's experience in mind, balancing capacity with comfort and sightlines to ensure an unforgettable visit.



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