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Brit Floyd Tickets

If you’re a big fan of the rock genre of music, then you’ve most probably heard of Pink Floyd, one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Well, Brit Floyd is a tribute band to Pink Floyd created in 2011. The band aims and ultimately delivers the entire persona and vibe of a live Pink Floyd performance. So, if you were missing some of that magic and wondering when you'll ever get to hear Pink Floyd again, you got the next best thing! The Brit Floyd tour is set to start soon, and they're about to tour cities across the globe. Grab your Brit Floyd tickets, and don't miss out on an opportunity to attend a Brit Floyd concert.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show, which debuted in 1988, was the first Pink Floyd tribute group to earn international prominence, inspiring Brit Floyd to form. The band rebranded themselves as Brit Floyd, after the resignation of the group's initial Australian members, because of the group’s more British lineup.

If you remember the psychedelic laser light display used by Pink Floyd in their worldwide tours, you should know that Brit Floyd also made it a part of their performance since 2007. So, if you were hesitant about getting Brit Floyd tickets, don't be; they're thoroughly committed to honoring Pink Floyd's memory. The band's thorough replication of every aspect of Pink Floyd's live work, along with the visual re-enactment, creates a performance atmosphere that will delight both new followers and Pink Floyd enthusiasts alike.

You will hear faithful renditions of Pink Floyd's greatest hits at a Brit Floyd show. They put some of their own spins on a few of the songs, but don't be mistaken; you will realize that they are indeed a Pink Floyd tribute band at heart. Take a trip down memory lane at their concert and make it even better by getting yourself Brit Floyd front row tickets; you will be left feeling electrified after the whole show is over.

Their shows are dubbed "the world's finest Pink Floyd show" by Brit Floyd, and their supporters believe. The band's concerts are impressively accurate to their subject material, merging state-of-the-art psychedelic theatrics with a carefully created replica of Pink Floyd's legendary music – they convinced even the most hard-to-impress fans. With their tour starting soon, grab hold of your Brit Floyd tickets from us and give yourself the satisfaction of nostalgia. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to our inventory and book your slot at one of the upcoming Brit Floyd events ASAP!


Brit Floyd Presale Tickets

Pink Floyd loyalists are already in a queue to buy tickets so they can watch the tribute band play live. Even newcomers are eager to see them perform; tickets could be hard to get if you’re not quick enough. So, get our Brit Floyd presale tickets and avoid the predicament of having to find tickets at the last moment. But remember that these presale events have limited tickets in quantity, so you have to be quick in getting them!



Brit Floyd VIP Tickets

If you've ever gone to a Pink Floyd show in the past, then you know that they're nothing short of amazing. With Brit Floyd, fans have found not one problem with their tribute shows. That's saying something because that means Brit Floyd can give you the “almost” same performances Pink Floyd can. So put something more to your experience at their shows by getting our Brit Floyd VIP tickets. A VIP package can give you the feeling of luxury you desire. Along with it, we may also have other tickets such as a backstage pass, VIP pass and even tickets to the exclusive VIP box seats. So, hurry and grab them before you miss your chance!



Brit Floyd Meet And Greet Tickets

Get a chance to meet the tribute band and let them know how awesome they are for doing what they do, with our Brit Floyd meet and greet tickets! You may also get a chance to do other exciting things with the members like clicking pictures together or getting to see what they do after their shows. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity and get your tickets today!



Brit Floyd Ticket Prices & Tour Information

How Much Are Brit Floyd Tickets?

Are you ready to get a surge of nostalgia at a concert by Brit Floyd? If so, then you should be ready to belt out at least $38 to see them perform live. The price of Brit Floyd tickets will vary from venue to venue and city to city, but the average price is probably around $71. You can also find cheap tickets to see their concert if you keep track of their schedule and ticket sales. However, make sure you don’t delay too long waiting for the cheapest tickets!



Brit Floyd Tickets 

The group also collaborated with the original bassist and vocalist of Pink Floyd "Guy Pratt" and performed on the stage of "Echo Arena Liverpool" during November 9th, 2013. They were also joined by the saxophonist and the rhythm player from Pink Floyd "Scott Page" on the stage of "Orpheum Theatre" in Los Angeles during 2015, where they played songs such as "Us and Them" and also "Money." The Brit Floyd Tickets are fully available for purchase, and you can also purchase other tickets to witness artists. You may also like Bryan Adams tickets, or watching the BTS Bangtan Boys tour, and many others. Come and buy your Brit Floyd Tickets with a 100% money-back guarantee.


Brit Floyd, the world famous 17-member Pink Floyd tribute band, is bringing some of the most legendary psychedelic rock music of all time to a theatre near you! When you attend a Brit Floyd performance with Brit Floyd tickets from VIP Tickets Canada, you will witness an audiovisual spectacle surpassed only by the original Pink Floyd concerts. Fans know this tribute band truly does justice to the Pink Floyd genius, so be sure to buy Brit Floyd tickets for their next show near you before they sell out, from Canada’s favourite ticket source - VIP Tickets Canada!



Brit Floyd Tickets from VIP Tickets Canada

VIP Tickets Canada is proud to have the biggest and best inventory of authentic Brit Floyd tickets in Canada, with a range of prices to suit every budget! Whether you need to be in the front row or you are looking for the best Brit Floyd ticket bargain, VIP Tickets Canada has every kind of Brit Floyd tickets imaginable. If they are available, you can be sure to find Brit Floyd tickets at VIP Tickets Canada, often at lower prices than anywhere else! Start shopping for Brit Floyd tickets now by finding your event in the schedule!


Brit Floyd was formed in Liverpool, England in 2011 by the lifelong Pink Floyd fan and tribute artist Damian Darlington. Building on his experiences with his former band, The Australian Pink Floyd Show, Darlington has paid attention to every detail of the Brit Floyd production, from lighting, to sound, to atmosphere, to emulate the iconic Pink Floyd concerts as much as possible. According to Darlington, a Brit Floyd concert is an “emotional journey through Pink Floyd's catalog.” If you love Pink Floyd music, you will be thoroughly rewarded when you buy Brit Floyd tickets from VIP Tickets Canada! The 17-member group delivers a show reminiscent of Pink Floyd themselves. Don’t delay! Brit Floyd tickets are on sale at now but are selling fast! Get your ideal Brit Floyd tickets today from VIP Tickets Canada


Where Can I Buy Brit Floyd Tickets To A City Near Me?

You can buy Brit Floyd tickets in Edmonton, Vancouver, London, Montreal, Regina, Toronto, Saskatoon, Halifax, Ottawa, Hamilton, Winnipeg, or Calgary in Canada.


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